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Capturing moments today to preserve memories for tomorrow. I hope you enjoy viewing my photos as much as I enjoy taking them. I invite you to leave comments. Let me know what photos are your favorites.
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Guestbook for Sydney Bergeron Photography
Jan Sommer(non-registered)
Ich finde ihr Hotel toll. Ich habe mich mit den Gästen unterhalten die unter anderem aus Hamburg kommen um den Stress mit dem blinkenden Lichtern diesen Drohnen von dem Militär welche in Hamburg herumfliegen zu entgehen ist ja Schrecklich Moment dort soll das USA Militär sein führen dort krieg.
Naja kann jedem nur empfehlen bei Ihnen Urlaub zu machen.
Thank you Sydney for taking such great pictures of our newborn Lincoln! You were so patient with him (and me)…I really appreciate it!
We will have these wonderful pictures to always look back on and remember his precious little newborn look!
Thank you again-we love these photos-
Devon Bleakley(non-registered)
Just want a picture #31
Sydney Bergeron Photography
Hey CHS fan. I have uploaded some of the DTHS @ CHS game from friday and I do have some pictures with #2 in them. One I believe was an interception. Take a look when you have a chance and I do have some more to process-- I just wanted to get these up so everyone could start looking.
Great! #2 for chs
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